Spray paint hydrangeas now! Use later.

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I was looking at my stats and realized that when I wrote many of my favorite posts I had about 10 subscribers.  Thanks to Lori, Lori, Mary, Patty, Amy, Erica, Kerry, Jane, Kathy, Toni, Leanna  (OK, maybe a few more than 10 but I’ll stop listing) for following my crazy blogging ride.   Now that I have more readers (thanks to all of you, I love that you care to read what I say), I thought I would share some of my seasonal favorites from the past every once in a while.  Enjoy this oldie about spray painted hydrangeas!

spray paint hydrangeas

Spray painted hydrangeas

Spray paint your hydrangeas now! Before you cut them down and get rid of them with your other yard/garden waste. They will be beautiful and you can use them at Christmas and throughout the winter in your home decor. If you don’t have any growing in your yard, and you get whip lash as you drive by beautiful hydrangea shrubs, don’t be shy, ask if you can have some! Many of these shrubs get cut down for the winter. And people are happy you are cutting them and taking them with you. Really!!

This is what the hydrangea shrubs look like now (I know some of you aren’t gardeners!).

Hydrangea shrub

A beautiful hydrangea flower.

A beautiful hydrangea flower.

I love dried hydrangea and have some naturally dried ones too. But, here is how I sprayed mine (really, it’s super simple!). First I cut down a whole bunch. Take more than you need! Soon they will be in the yard waste pile and it will be too late.

Hydrangeas just cut.

Hydrangeas just cut.

I strip the leaves off, and bring them in the house for a day to dry out. I just think they paint better if the flowers are dryer. They honestly start getting dried out in a day or two.

I spray painted in my garage with the door open. have an old sheet that I use to cover the floor and away I go. I didn’t want the wind to be a factor but wanted lots of ventilation. A little fyi. Don’t wear your favorite black shoes. You may get some unplanned silver overspray on them :(. And it doesn’t come off easily. Also, wear a glove or if you don’t have one, stick your hand in a plastic bag before spraying. For some reason my hands got covered in spray paint. Goo Gone can work wonders getting the paint off your hand!

Starting to spray a hydrangea silver.

Starting to spray a hydrangea silver.

spray paint hydrangea

A silver spray painted hydrangea

They actually spray paint very well. And look all silvery and sparkly. Make sure to pick up the flower by the stem and spray the underside of the flower. It helps make sure you get paint coverage on both sides of the flower petals.

I couldn’t help myself and I tried Christmas colors. Some pretty red (more burgundy) and a lime green. A little more vivid than the natural hydrangea colors but that was what I was going for.

Starting to spray paint my red hydrangeas.

Starting to spray paint my red hydrangeas.

spray painted hydrangea

I didn’t spray the red and green ones as thoroughly. I think some of the natural color looking through keeps them looking a little more real.

My red and green spray painted hydrangeas.

My red and green spray painted hydrangeas.

Here is the spray paint I used for the red and the green.

spray paint hydrangeas

Honestly, these turned out way better than I expected. I totally LOVE them!

Spray painted hydrangeas

Here is the bunch of silver ones. They look better in real life.

Silver hydrangeas.

For now, I have them plopped into some galvanized pails and put on a shelf in my garage.

They are the prettiest things in my garage!

Storing my spray painted hydrangeas.

Storing my spray painted hydrangeas.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with them but I do have some ideas in the back of my mind. I just wanted to share this with you now so you can still grab some hydrangeas and spray paint them. Have fun! Spray painting can be addictive.


  1. says

    Glad you liked my post! They are a little fragile once they dry, but with a little careful handling, they last for years. You sure harvested a lot of blooms!!

  2. Doug Coates says

    Love your post. We harvested about 500 blooms last year, but didn’t paint them until after they’d dried for 4 months. It worked, but it wasn’t easy, seeing as how they were all incredible delicate by that point. I was searching for information on painting them fresh or dried, and you provided that information. Thanks for your help

  3. says

    Good morning, Susan! I love this idea so much! I never even thought of doing this, but they look FANTASTIC!! I’m featuring your post today at “Our Favorite Things Pinterest Party”!! I’d love for you to come link up again. :)

    Gina @ Gina’s Craft Corner

  4. says

    Cute idea. I’m getting ready to publish an article about how easy they are to dry. I like using them for Christmas. Never spray painted them better.

  5. says

    Hi Beth
    The Hydrangeas dry easily. You probably want to strip the leaves and the flower dries fast. I have had some of these for over a year and they still look great!

  6. Di says

    Love this idea! Would never have thought of spraying painting them and as we have some in our garden, I will have a go, thanks!


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