Mason Jar Wall Vase

I LOVE this mason jar wall vase! For many reasons. Mainy because it’s as easy way to brighten up a space with just a few flowers from my garden.
mason jar wall vase
I bought one at a craft sale made with barn board. And, I love it!
But, barn board is hard to find. And if you do find it, the paint is old. You need to seal it in case it is lead based. Who wants that worry! Make one with a wood cutout from the craft store and use your own paint to perfectly match your decor!
I bought my wood boards at Hobby Lobby. The larger one was $2.39 and the smaller ones were 2 for $2.99. I had lots of paint so that was ‘free’. I went to my local hardware store to ask for a hose clamp. Yes, that’s what it’s called, a hose clamp. Remember the name, or take a picture with you on your phone so you don’t have to do the charades I did trying to explain what it is. It was a lot of work explaining what a $1.39 part was :)!

Stuff you need:
Wood pieces (cut if have scraps or buy from a craft store)
Fine sand paper or sanding block
Paint or stain in your desired color
Mason jar
Hose clamp (take jar with you to get a good fit – yes, I have lots of fun stuff in my purse!)
Picture hanging thingy with the little nails
Screw to attach hose clamp to wood

mason jar wall vase

Give your wood a quick sand. You just want to get rid of the rough edges like this:
mason jar vase

Paint or stain your wood to the color you want. Remember, it takes a while ’cause you probably need more than one coat. I did three thin coats and it took about 1 1/2 hours and I let it dry another 2 hours before creating with it. I put mine on some mason jar rings to dry so that the edges wouldn’t stick to the paper I was painting on.
mason jar
Ok, here is the tough part! The wire clamp is made of hard metal and your screw is probably too big to go through the little spaces. I took a screwdriver and wiggled it in the space to make it bigger.
Mason Jar Wall Vase
You’ll notice that I also made a screw hole just by partially screwing in the screw and then taking it out. Just makes sure your screw doesn’t slip and that it’s put in the right place.
Put your screw into the larger hole you have created in the hose clamp and then screw it into place.
mason jar wall vase
Slip your mason jar into the hose clamp and then tighten it.
mason jar vase
Hang on a nail, add water and pretty flowers and you are done!
mason jar wall vase

A really easy and fairly quick project that you will love!  Happy creating!


  1. says

    I come from the South. I could not run my household without lots of Mason jars. We pass those jars back and forth and once in awhile someone is short. They call around to one or two friends (don’t call too many!) and the next day they have 40 on their porch with various notes on whom to send the canning results. This just gives us a new idea for using them. I think I had better buy stock in that company!


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