DIY Solar  Carved Pumpkin

These Solar Jack-O-Lanterns are perfect for the fall season. It makes it so much brighter when it's dark. The safety factor of not having a candle is also a huge plus! An easy and fun Halloween decor.

Pumpkin - you can get a larger one or even a small pie pumpkin. Solar light - an inexpensive one will do. A Hole Saw Set - an inexpensive one will do.


Find a hole cutter that the solar light will fit through but small enough so the top part won't slip through. Attach it to the power drill.

I cut my hole just behind the stem so I can leave the stem on. Then, pull out the pumpkin 'cork'.

Use a smaller circle hole cutter to carve the eyes and the mouth. Grab a spoon and used it to scrap out the 'pumpkin goo' through the mouth.

Clean the edges then pop the solar light in and it should be a perfect fit! You're done with your super easy pumpkin.

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