The story of my Raised Garden Beds

Mine is visible from the street, so it was important it looked nice too! 


I had a maple tree there that had girdled roots and was dying. It was cut down.


It was a sunny spot in my backyard. Perfect spot for a raised garden!

The perfect spot!

Be prepared to be surprised at how much soil you need! But I have a solution! 

A lot of soil!

Layering other natural gardening/growing items to help fill your bed is a great idea!

A neat trick :D 

There is no limit to what you can grow. I have four raised beds and here is what I did!

What to grow?

My herb planter has dill, basil, rosemary, parsley thyme, and sage in it. It's full and I love it!

Herb bed

I planted bush beans in one bed. It was great for having fresh beans for dinner and even a few to freeze.

Bean bed

I LOVE my homegrown pumpkins because I plant and grow bigger ones.


Visit my blog to see how I grow tomatoes! 

Curious for more?

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