Peanut Butter Cookies

So Delicious!

When you want to make homemade cookies fast and only want a small batch, this is the recipe!

These easy peanut butter cookies are delicious and easy to make.  They only have three ingredients!  All  Flour is not one of the ingredients!  They only take 30 minutes to make!

– peanut butter - Use a regular commercial brand (Skippy, Jiff, store brand) – white granulated sugar – large egg


First, preheat the oven. Then, add the egg, peanut butter, and granulated sugar into a bowl. Mix well.  No need to use a mixer, just stir well!

You can then use an ice cream scooper to put the batter onto a cookie sheet. You can even add some chocolate chips if you'd like. Just place them right on top of the cookie!

Once you scoop your batter, flatten the dough with a fork in a criss-cross pattern. Then sprinkle some sugar onto the dough.

Next up is to bake the cookies. When you take them out they should be light golden brown and soft. Let them cool and enjoy!

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