My new  raised garden beds!   About the first year.

A dying maple was cut down and this mess is what I started with.

I bought campfire rings for my raised beds because they had no bottom & were less expensive.

I layered wood chips, grass clippings, twigs and branches.  Then topped with a mix of raised bed soil and potting soil.

My herb bed.   Parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil and dill. Marigolds planted around the outside to help with critter control.

My herb bed and my vegetable beds thrived all summer!  The raised beds made gardening easier.

In another bed I grew peas in the spring then changed to cucumbers in the warmer weather. It was perfect succession gardening.

My pumpkin plants thrived and had room to grow around the raised beds.

I added an antique washtub full of flowers as a visual feature.

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