My new (to me) house had all knob and tube wiring.  I replaced it all!

Knob and Tube Wiring

This wiring was done from the late 1800's to roughly 1940.

This is the knob.  The wires are fed through the knobs to keep them from touching the walls.

As long as the wiring was exposed only to air and didn't touch anything it wasn't dangerous.

These are the tubes. The "tube" insulated the wood from the wires.

This is how the tube went through wooden beams & supports.

In my attic insulation, there was evidence of the  wire covering being chewed on.  A fire hazard!

I had all the wiring replaced for peace of mind.  It was a big and messy job!  Expensive too!

The original light fixtures had to be rewired too!  I kept & rewired what I could because I loved most of them!

I loved the push button light switches.  Fortunately, I found safe reproductions!

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