Prune your petunias to rejuvinate them.

Deadheading your planters keeps your flowers blooming.  Pruning petunias keeps them from looking leggy and encourages new growth (flowers).

Removing dry/yellow flowers and leaves keeps petunias looking full, healthy and pretty. You need to pinch them back to keep this look.

3 Steps When Pruning:

1. Water heavily a few hours before 2. Do the deadheading, shaping, and pruning.  3. Give each planter some diluted fertilizer.

Make sure to vary the length so flowers are evenly spaced. It will make the planter look full and healthy.

Cut the stem just above a double set of leaves.  It doesn't hurt the plant and gets rid of leggy growths.

This is what a leggy petunia looks like!  Lots of green long stems with spent blooms and a petunia at the end.

Here are the leggy petunias in my front planter.  They usually stick out or drape with hardly any flowers on the stem.

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