Essential Gardening Tools and Accessories

Make gardening easier!

Soil Moisture Probes help you know when your plants need to be watered.  Most plants die from too much or not enough water!

This Scuffle Loop Hoe makes weeding easier. You do your weeding standing up so it's easier on your back!

Fiskars Bypass Loppers help you cut tough branches.  Or cut those branches that are normally out of reach.

Fiskars Bypass Loppers are also great when cutting or pruning roses!  This tool prevents lots of rose thorn scrapes!

This Walnut Picker Upper helps you clean up the fallen nuts from your trees.  You can do this standing up, not bending down!

The cheapest hose guides can protect your expensive plants when watering!  Just saving one perennial makes these worth it!

Slide Up for more essential tools and accessories.  I use and own all of the ones I recomend in the linked post!