Baked Brie Wrapped in Pastry 

Wonderful hot appetizer full of delicious melted brie - a wonderful flavor treat

You can use different flavored jams like Raspberry jam!!! Or try apricot or blueberry. Apple jelly with broken-up pecans or walnuts is another delicious option.

Ingredients: Brie, raspberries, crescent roll dough, egg, baguette slices, crackers, sliced apples

Place your choice of preserves onto the dough, place brie on top then then wrap with the dough

DECORATE! Make a cute cutout to place on your wrapped brie

by momcrieff

Make an egg wash and brush it over your wrapped brie

Bake until it looks golden brown

Let it cool ! (but not too much!)


This appetizer is best when eaten while cheese is still hot/warm.