The sedum autumn joy is a plant I LOVE for many reasons

Why this plaNt?

It is low maintenance and is a beautiful plant! Plus it's easy to propagate.

Bloom Time

The succulent foliage is beautiful in the spring and early fall, and the flowering plant blooms are beautiful in the late summer and fall.


This is one of the few plants I leave up over the winter because the flower clusters turn into a rust color.

A friend of the pollinators

Butterflies love this plant! They overwinter and are also protected in the stems during the cold snaps of the spring.

You can see why bees love it!

This is what the Autumn Sedum Joy looks like in the mid to late summer.

very easy to grow!

This plant is very easy to grow and a good choice for someone who doesn't like garden plants that are high maintenance.

Learn about Sedum Propagation

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