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Peach Cobbler

Quick & Easy

In some parts of the US this easy delicious dessert is also called a Peach Dump Cake.  It is delicious no matter what you call it!

--One box Yellow Cake Mix (I like Betty Crocker) --Peach Slices (the Large can) --Butter (one stick)


Empty the whole can of sliced peaches into your baking dish.  That includes the peach syrup.


Pour cake mix onto the peaches.  Just the dry cake mix over the peaches.  Do not stir or mix the cake mix into the peaches.

Slice butter into thin slices. Thinner is better. Cover cake mix with butter slices.  Thin slices cover up more cake mix!

Bake until golden and delicious!  You will see the peach syrup bubbling around the edges. Ice cream would be great on top!

Cherry cobbler is delicious too!  The recipe is just as simple and tastes oh so good!  It sure does satisfy the cherry pie craving!

 Easy 3 Ingredient 

Peach Cobbler

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