Watering tips & tricks

So your plants look healthy and thrive!

Everyone wants their plants & flowers to look fresh and full.  When they aren't, watering issues is usually the problem.

Most plants like to be dry in between watering. Check by poking a finger into the dirt to the level of the roots (2-3 inches). Don't go by what the soil looks like.

Water at the ground level so the water doesn't land on the leaves and doesn't evaporate (looking at you, sprinkler).

Using a moisture meter is the best way to see how dry the soil is.  They are inexpensive and don't use batteries!

A watering wand helps water near the soil and you don't need to bend over as much!

I use my watering wand for my containers, raised beds and plants in the ground.

TIP Get used to how heavy the planter is when it's wet and how light when it's dry.  It takes a second to figure out if watering is needed!

MORNINGS are the best time to water!

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