Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is a great and safe way to get rid of your dead and overgrown branches. You can easily hire an arborist. Learn how to keep your trees healthy.

When a tree isn't healthy, it's because the roots are growing around the trunk of the tree, or root girdling. If you don't want to cut your trees down, you can prune them!

You can hire an arborist to keep yourself safe and your trees as healthy as possible professionally This is the Spyder that lifts the arborists to the limbs

You can find a certified arborist from many sources:  - Ask around - Your neighbors - Real estate agents certification agencies

What do arborists do?

Keep trees healthy and those around safe! - Clean the crown of the tree (remove dead branches) - Structural pruning - Let sunlight in - Keep bugs out

Some arbor companies may also bring a chipper. They will feed the dying branches through the chipper, which produces wood chips.  You can ask to keep them for mulch!

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