This beautiful Annabelle hydrangea likes just a few hours of morning sunshine then afternoon shade.

These pretty astilbe plants grow well and flower in shady conditions!

Jacob's Ladder The varigated leaves with the little blue/purple flowers make me love this shade plant!

Shade gardens are beautiful and calming!  Love the different varigated hostas!

Did you know hostas are one of the few plants that grow well under walnut trees?

I discovered that this Wandering Dude (aka Wandering Jew) plant does great in outdoor containers.  Love the colors!

I have started putting Autumn Joy Sedum in shadier areas and it does fine.  It does get a little leggy so pinch it back if it does.

This brunnera plant has the prettiest silver leaves and little flowers!

Love these sunny tickseed coreopsis blooming!  They are a sun plant but do great in my shadier areas!

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