Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

This is a super easy recipe that only uses 3 ingredients and only takes ½ hour to make. The hazelnut chocolate swirled into the pumpkin muffin is incredibly delicious!

– Box of yellow cake mix – Small can of pumpkin puree  – Nutella (or generic chocolate hazelnut spread)


– Preheat the oven – Mix cake mix and pumpkin puree.  (Make sure you don't follow the instructions on the cake box)

Scoop your muffin batter (pumpkin puree and cake mix) into 12 paper lined or well greased muffin tins

Microwave Nutella until it starts to liquify.  Divide and add onto the muffins and swirl hazelnut chocolate spread through the muffin batter.

- Bake  - Check with toothpick in center to see if it's done - Make sure you let it cool before you eat it. Enjoy!

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