Perennial Shade Plants

There are beautiful perennials that do thrive in the shade. Look at some colorful ideas for your own garden! There are so many options. These are perfect for your shady yard.

These Bleeding Hearts are my favorite! They grow in both the shade and the sun. They come in quite a few varieties.

Ferns are a traditional shade plant. They act as such a pretty backdrop. Hint: Make sure to choose the fern that works best in your area.

Begonia has pretty flowers, grows well, and flowers in the shade. Some of these can even be saved during the winter!

Sea Heart or Silver Heart has beautiful big silvery leaves, and it's the leaves that make this plant stand out. They also have beautiful blue flowers!

Lamb's Ear is a silvery light green with soft velvety leaves. It is a great groundcover and easy to contain if it spreads.

Lily of the Valley is a super invasive plant. Don't buy or plant this! Although they are pretty, it is on a watched list.

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