No Sew Buffal Plaid Valances

I added two cute buffalo plaid valances and didn't sew a stitch.  It was super easy!

My door already had the hardware for these curtain rods above the door window.   I just had to attach the curtain rod.

These valances are literally two napkins drapped over the curtain rod!  Yes cloth napkins! A little faux wreath added some extra color and a bit of privacy.

My kitchen window also needed some valances. But, I didn't want to drill into the cabinets.

Tension shower rods to the rescue!  I used curtain rings with clips to hang the valances.

I hung a table runner from the shower curtain rod in my kitchen.  I hung it high so it didn't block any light from my window.

Here is a closer look at how the valance was hung. If the table runner is too long, just fold it under at both ends!

For more details on how I did this, plus where I got everything, swipe up.