This is the story of the kitchen remodel in my 100-year-old house.  I bought a house with the kitchen torn out!  And I have no regrets!

Yes, this is the house I fell in love with. I wanted a house that needed cosmetic updates.  But, this is what I bought!  A dining room with a toilet in the middle!

I saw the house a couple of weeks before the flood in the kitchen. This was the original kitchen before the flood

I did peak into the cabinets before they were taken down.  I actually loved the wallpaper they had in the back of the cupboards!

The kitchen wall came down!  Three generations had looked at a wall while doing the dishes! I think those ladies would have liked this change>

The kitchen said hello to the dining room!  Removing the wall was the correct decision!  It should have been done years ago!

Weirdly, this picture  is one of my favorites of the demolition. The original wiring just hanging.  It was such a big change removing the wall!

These are the original knob and tube light switches. The original 100 year old switches. They are hanging where the wall was.

Let me show you my new kitchen.  I kept the white cupboards and put back the wooden floors.  It became so bright!

Visit my site!  See all the renovation details.  I love how my new kitchen looks like it belongs in my 100 year old home!