My Favorite  Annuals. I use them eveery year!

Some years my planters look totally different and all I've done is change the color of a couple of the annuals

Planters are created with the thriller, filler and spiller formula!   Keep reading for more details!

Annuals don't survive more than one year because of the cold winter weather in most of the U.S..

Why not use perennials? They are  more expensive and often don't survive the winter in a planter.

Lets look at some examples of each of the three types of plants recommended to create a beautiful, lush flowering planter

Spiller The purple petunias & green sweet potato vine are a "spiller"  plant.

Filler The red geraniums are a pretty "filler", helping to fill the pot.

Thriller The spiky grass is a "thriller" with the tall height.  

Go through the link below for more planter ideas and details!