Create unique looking pretty black and white planters in a short time with this nifty little trick! 

It's cheap and it will look absolutely stunning in your garden, entryway  or terrace!

You are wondering how I got the nice patterns?  I will gladly share it with you :D It's easy!

Don't throw out old pots.  Recycle, & Upcycle. You can use other household items too!  Look at this example!

First, clean, sand them lightly (for better paint adherence) and wash the dust off! Let it dry. 

After the planters have dried, spray paint the base coat on.  I painted them both white. Use an old sheet to protect the sourroundings!

Design the pattern with ... painters tape!!! The key is  to try to make sure the design looks even.

Then I spray painted the pots with black spray paint. It was really fun pulling the tape off and exposing the white lines!!

Almost there! Just clean up the leftover painters tape :D  Fun project and you will end up with gorgeous platers!