Fall Planter Ideas

These fall planter ideas are perfect for the upcoming season. They are full, big, and bright! They are cheap and easy to make when you can reuse materials. Repurpose and get creative!

Reuse your summer containers!  One way to do this is to keep the grass. It looks perfect with my pumpkins!

Hint: The purple fountain grass is small and inexpensive in the Spring. Buy ahead so you can still have them for the fall!

Preserving Pumpkins: Use a plastic pot to put the pumpkin on. This way it doesn't sit on the wet soil and rot or freeze.

Use dried hydrangeas and mums to fill in the bare spots. They add some beautiful color, too! Hint: put the hydrangeas where it doesn't rain so they won't turn brown.

Here is a fall planter idea that I love! The tall grasses and the bright mums make it simple but so pretty.

Here is another fall planter that is perfect for the fall. The tall grasses and inexpensive mums make it cheap but full and gorgeous.

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