Fall Planter Ideas With Pumpkins

Easily reuse your summer planters to make beautiful fall planters

Plan in advance to help you make these fall planters quick, easy, and inexpensive reusing your summer container gardens.

All it took to turn this summer planter into a fall planter was to put small decorate and cheap pumpkins around the purple fountain grass.

Here, I pulled out the geraniums and the petunias and substituted mums and a few cheap pie pumpkins.

Keep using your hardy summer plants!

Alyssum and tall grasses are at their peak in the fall and add fullness to planters if you leave them in your fall planters.

This is my absolute favorite fall planter! I used some pumpkins and even reused some tall grasses. It looks beautiful and ready for the fall season.

Here is a simple and beautiful fall planter that you can make in just a few quick minutes reusing plants from the spring!

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