Love these cherry bars!

This recipe is easy to make and tastes delicious!  It is a cake mix recipe but no one will know unless you tell them!


All you need is a handful of ingredients, many you may already have at home!  No ingredients that you buy for just one recipe and never use again.

Ingredients - List

-- yellow cake mix -- canned pie cherries -- eggs -- veg. oil -- vanilla GLAZE -- milk -- vanilla -- powdered sugar

Instructions - Step 1

Mix cake mix batter according to directions - using only cake mix, eggs, oil and vanilla. Reserve some batter.  Smooth batter onto baking sheet.  It's a thin layer.

Instructions - Step 2

Layer the canned pie cherries evenly over the batter.   Doesn't this already look delicious! Love the red pie cherries.

Instructions - Step 3

Layer the reserved batter in big globs over the cherries.   Spread the batter but leave gaps so you can see the cherry filling. Run a knife through the globs to join them.

Instructions - Step 4

Bake. Allow to cook and drizzle glaze on top. Swipe below to get to printable recipe for Cherry Squares.


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