Steps to planting a beautiful  flower planter

Use good dirt.


Use potting soil.  It often has fertilizer and moisture retaining ingredients in it.

Buy healthy plants

Plants that look unhealthy will not improve in a short period of time.

Will plants be in the sun or shade? 

Read the tags!  They will tell you if they are sun or shade plants!

Check if plants are root bound. 

You can tell if the roots are filling the pot and growing around in circles.

Rough up the roots

If they are root bound, I rip roots off the bottom  and rough up the sides.


Plant a tall plant - known as a thriller


Plants that mound and fill the space are called fillers.  I've been using marigolds again!


Plants that spill over the sides of the planters.  Sweet potato vine was a favorite of mine for years!

More details

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