Deadheading Geraniums

Deadheading is taking off the finished blooms, encouraging the plant to produce more flowers. It also makes your plant look healthier!

Just find the 'V' between the flower stalk and the flower stem.  Then push down the flower stalk near the 'V'.  It'll give it satisfying little snap.

Don't just snip the flower. You'll get an ugly spike.  You see some people's plants have a bunch of spikes and you know they aren't deadheading correctly.

Once the spent blooms (where the plant produces seeds) are removed, the plant is encouraged to flower more.

Producing more flowers and seeds requires energy from the plant.  After deadheading, it is a really good time to fertilize your flowering plants!

I use a special fertilizer that is made specifically to encourage flowers to bloom (click through for the info.) !

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