Deadheading is pruning the spent flowers off the plant. It keeps your geraniums looking healthy and gorgeous!

Taking off the done blooms encourages more flowering. The plant looks healthy and vibrant when forced to bloom heavily.

Learn to deadhead your geraniums correctly!  It is not hard and it takes just seconds to do! Click below for tutorial.

Do NOT just cut the flower off.  Then you have ugly spiky stems everywhere.  It looks strange when you remove the bloom but not the stem / stalk.

Find the 'elbow' of the stalk  See in the black circle lower in this image to see where the flower stem is attached to the main stem of the plant.

A closeup of where the 'elbow is'.  There is usually a round "bubble" type thing that you can feel when you go in to break off the spent flower stalk.

It breaks with a satisfying snap!  You can hear and feel it. That's why people can't help themselves deadhead geraniums!

I always break the geranium flowers off when deadheading.  It just feels right compared to cutting them off.

When you remove the spent flowers, the plant naturally creates more flowers to try to create seeds.  It has to reproduce to survive.

After you deadhead your geranium, give them some diluted fertilizer to help them grow new flowers. Click below to learn more!