Tomato and Kielbasa Salad (10 minutes to make).

Tomato and Kielbasa salad

A simple and quick salad that is perfect for lunch or dinner!  A great way to use up fresh tomato from the garden!


1 medium or large size tomato

3 oz Turkey Kielbasa

Salt, pepper and vinegar, to taste.

Onions (optional)


Slice tomato into bite sized pieces.  Garden grown are the best!

Add onions, cut into small slices

Salt and pepper it generously.  Let it sit for a few minutes

Drain the tomato.  The salt will draw a lot of the juice out.

Add about 2 - 3 Tbsp of vinegar.   Plain vinegar or your favorite balsamic vinegar, your choice.

Cut a 3 inch (approx 3 oz) piece of kielbasa into coins

Take the Kielbasa and quickly pan fry to heat it up.

Let kielbasa cool then toss with tomatoes.

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