Three Ingredient Peach Cobbler

three ingredient peach cobbler

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A super easy three ingredient peach cobbler recipe.  A delicious and easy recipe that the whole family will love!


1  box Yellow cake mix

1 Large can of Peaches (29 oz)

1 stick of butter


Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit.

I use nonstick spray on my casserole dish because it makes cleaning it later easier.  And the whole point of this recipe is to keep it easy.

Dump can of peaches into the casserole dish.  With every delicious drop of juice!  I cut a few of the thicker ones in half but you don’t have to.

Pour the dry cake mix on top.  Straight from the box!  Smooth it gently with a knife (or a spoon, or a fork or your fingers….)  DON’T MIX IT.  Yes, it stays dry and powdery on top of the peaches!

Cut the butter into thin slices and then spread it evenly on the cake mix.

You are done your prep.!   Now put it in the oven for 30-40 minutes.  You want it to be bubbly and the crust to be a golden brown.  And it smells sooooo good!   My kids are used to me experimenting and making stuff.  They usually ignore my newest project and roll their eyes at my excitement. {sigh} Teenagers!!   But when I made this, they came in and were looking for whatever it was that smelled so good.


Add a scoop of ice cream to make this extra delicious!

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