Caesar Salad Wraps (includes chicken and vegetarian options)

roasted chicken caesar salad wrap

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Easy Caesar Salad Wraps.  Over 6 Caesar Walad wrap ideas.  Includes two vegetarian options.


Soft taco wraps (or tortillas)

Romaine Lettuce

Favorite Caesar Salad Dressing

Choose different topping options including:

  1.  Just Cheese (Vegetarian option)
  2. With Cheese and sliced hard-boiled Egg (Vegetarian option)
  3. Chicken Fingers
  4. Rotisserie or roasted chicken
  5. Egg Salad (Vegetarian Option)
  6. Chicken Salad
  7. Cheese Curds (Vegetarian Option)


Cut romaine lettuce into bite-sized pieces.

Toss with Caesar Salad dressing until lightly coated.

Place salad on soft taco/tortilla

Place choice of topping and roll up!


Host a Caesar Salad Wrap create your own wrap bar!  Easy to do and so many options for picky eaters.

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