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pickle jar full of pieces of raw cauliflower

Marinated Cauliflower (refrigerated pickled Cauliflower)

  • Author: Susan Moncrieff | Momcrieff


An easy and cheap way to use and keep your extra cauliflower.  Makes cauliflower taste delicious!



1  pickle jar, emptied of pickles but containing the original pickle brine (pickle juice).  My family loves Clausen pickles.

Use fresh cauliflower cut into small pieces.  This process is not recommended for cauliflower already spoiling.

a big piece of white fresh cauliflower


Cut the cauliflower into small bite-sized pieces.

Put the cauliflower pieces into the pickle brine.  Put as many in as you can so that the brine covers the most cauliflower.

cauliflower pieces filling up a pickle jar

Screw the lid on tight.  I put the jar into the fridge, upside down the first day.

Upside down pickle jar full of cauliflower pieces.

The second day I put it right-side up.  By the third day, it's delicious and ready to eat.  Perfect as a snack, a side, or a garnish.


This method does not process the jars, so this is not a long term storage process.  The cauliflower in the brine should be eaten or disposed of after 2-3 weeks. I've kept it longer, but once the cauliflower loses its crispy texture, I toss it.  If the cauliflower looks or tastes off, obviously you don't want to eat it - and throw it out!