Some large garlic bites and garlic twists

Garlic, Dill and Ranch Seasoned Pretzels.

  • Author: Susan Moncrieff


These garlic, dill, and ranch seasoned pretzels are the most flavorful and delicious pretzels you will ever have!  Not a ton of ingredients and easy to make.  Makes a big batch to share and/or give away (think teacher gifts or hostess gifts)



8 oz of Orville Redenbacher Oil
1 TB garlic powder (NOT garlic salt)
1 TB dill weed
1 Package Original Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
(If you have the container of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, use 3 tablespoons)
2 1 lb large pretzel twists (the big thick ones!)
2 1 lb pretzel bites


Mix all your dry seasonings together (garlic powder, dill weed and Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing)
ranch dressing seasoning, dill weed and garlic seasoning in a bowl

Add 8 oz of Orville Redenbacher oil to seasonings.

In a large bowl or a roasting pan (gives you more room and has a lid!) add broken large pretzels and pretzel bits.

Put broken pretzels and pretzel bites into a roasting pan to mix

Drizzle about 1/4 of the seasoning & oil mixture. Stir. Repeat until all of the seasoning and oil mixture has been added to the pretzels.

Store covered for freshness.  I like putting them in mason jars with lids and giving some away!

Here’s the hard part. Give these garlic and dill seasoned pretzels a good 24 hours before serving them. The flavors will soak into the pretzels and will be so delicious!! Make sure to give the pretzels a good stir every hour or so.

Store in a sealed container for freshness.  I like putting these pretzels in mason jars and giving them away (think teacher gift or hostess gift).

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