White frames on gray walls….it’s not a competition

So, was enjoying a nice lunch with a golfing friend the other day.  Was telling her about how my blog office renovation was coming along.   Told her about how I was putting some white frames on my newly painted gray walls.  And how they were going to frame different things.   Not pictures with a cutout mat.  But, things.  Our server overheard part of our conversation and she chipped in that she picked up some frames from Goodwill (at $2.00 each), painted them white and then hung them.

white fames

Ummmm, I sure paid more than that online!   My friend was a little amused by this and commented that she was surprised I hadn’t come up with that idea.

white frames

I started obsessing! Yes, I should have come up with that idea. I guess though, it was more of a need based creativity on the part of our server. Hey, I could and I did just order from Amazon.

Soooooo, a few days later I passed a Goodwill store and, of course, had to turn around and see if they had any frames. And they did. But I paid $2.99, not $2.00.

white frame

Hey, they had some cool stuff at the Goodwill store.  There was the nicest china set there.  So sad to see a beautiful 12 setting china collection being sold off at $0.99 per piece.  I guess china isn’t in anymore.  I just packed mine up in a box last week and put it in the basement.  Just don’t use it!

white frame

Back to the frame I bought.   I took off the backing and the glass from the frame . Gave it a quick sand.

white frame

Used the white paint I had from painting the white trim in the room that was going to be my blogging room. It took three coats!

white frames

It was good paint so as it dried, the paint lines disappeared. Honestly, I was really happy with it when I finished.

white frames

Do you see the fleur-de-lis in my frame? I picked them up at a flea market ($1.00 each – ha!). I didn’t know what I was going to do with them at the time but I think I figured it out! They look like they used to be part of a fence.

white frames

And they are so totally rusted. I love that look. Especially against my perfectly freshly painted gray walls and white trim. I put the frame and the fleur-de-lis above the open doorway.

white frame

My desk will face that way. I don’t want to face a wall. I will see that painted white frame often. And, I’ll try to remember that crafting and blogging isn’t a competition. Yes, it bugged me that someone else came up with a simple crafty idea when I just ordered from Amazon. But, the gal was a student and was decorating on a very limited budget. And I could and did just want the (almost) instant gratification of ordering online and having my white frame ready to put up. Now, I have a white frame, that is painted the same color as my trim. And, I love it! And I’m thankful to the young gal that gave me the idea. And, just so you know, I did give her a good tip!

P.S. I also love the white frame from Amason around my green wreath.
P.P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post for Amazon!


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    Great idea. Sometimes I find myself going to Amazon for everything. And we have a Goodwill within walking distance. Don’t feel bad. I have many “Duh why didn’t I think of that” moments. I mark it as getting inspiration everywhere.

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