Iphone tips!

I know iPhone tips are all over the place and are easy to find if you are looking for them. BUT, I have just recently figured a few of these out and thought they were quite helpful. Thought I would share a few of them plus some others that I have found useful recently. Since ‘things’ change with iPhones, these tips are with my iPhone which has IOS7 installed.

1. Did you know you have a level already installed in your iPhone. For those times you just want to check if something is straight. Like the poster your son put up or a picture that you look at and it just doesn’t look right for some reason?

Go to your compass app.

iPhone tips

Your compass app.


Swipe to the second page. THERE IT IS!!! You would be amazed at how crooked something is that is at 6 degrees. I fixed many pictures today!!

The level app. on your iPhone.

The level app. on your iPhone.

When you have the app. perfectly level, it turns green.

When you have the app. perfectly level, it turns green.

2. A scientific calculator. OK, if you are under 20, or more technically savy than I am, you probably are thinking, “duh, everyone knows that!”. Well, not all of us do. Yes I know. It’s ’cause in your eyes I am old!

Find the calculator app. that came with your iPhone. You most probably have your phone/calculator upright. Turn it 90 degrees so it’s sideways. Ummmmm, most of the world figures this out on their own but I needed help. Please let me know I’m not the only one that didn’t figure this out on my own!

iPhone tips

Turn your phone 90 degrees from your regular calculator app. and there is your scientific calculator!

3. BOLD TEXT – OK, if you find your iPhone hard to read ever since you upgraded to IOS7, this is for you.

Go to ‘Settings’




iPhone tips

The General screen


iPhone tips

Look about 2/3rds down the screen. Where it says “Bold text”.

Then hit ‘Bold Text’.

I think I love my iPhone again. I can read everything once more!!

4. Font size.

If bolding your text isn’t quite enough to help you comfortably read your iPhone, make the font bigger!! It can be very helpful!

Same steps as above all the way to ‘Accessibility’
Above where it says ‘Bold Text’, there is a feature called ‘Larger Text’. Turn it on and then adjust the text size to one that is comfortable for you to read.

HINT: Don’t make the text too big or you will only be able to see one word at a time when you are reading your texts (ha, ha!).

Hope these help you! Please let me know if you have found any iPhone tips that you have found helpful.

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