Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Volume 1 – Review

In a surprising place I discovered that what is old is new again.  My family and I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy a few days ago.  I’ll have you know that we aren’t the PG movie types since our boys are both teens.  Our favorite family TV show is Walking Dead.   Honestly, once you get past the pitchforks in the head, it’s a great series!!  A movie marathon weekend at my house would most likely be the Alien/Predator movies.   And can I tell you, I’m still not over it that my husband took me to an Alien movie when I was 8 months pregnant.  Didn’t need to see THAT coming out of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach.  And yes, my teen boys come with us to the occasional ‘R’ movies.  Not if there are ‘boobies’ in them.  But they can handle all the explosions, guts and swears that the show can throw at them.  As for the swears, I’m sure they’ve heard everything and worse – some even from me.  They may have used some but have not (and I’m guessing will never) use them in front of me!

So, from my above paragraph, you may have deduced that I am OLD!  Ask my kids.   Their eyes roll when I can’t figure out how to use the Wii to turn on Netflix.   If they would just write the directions down, then I wouldn’t have to keep asking!  Why do we have to have so many remotes anyway???  Why is the print on everything so small?  Why is it so hard to watch a movie on TV when we are so technologically advanced??

I digressed.  Back to Guardians of the Galaxy.  We were all watching and enjoying when I had a SHOCKING revelation.  Ummmm, I know all the songs!  Know them well.  Well enough that I can sing all the words and dance to them.   Which I did.  Not at the theater people!!  I’m not old AND crazy.  But a few days later after I downloaded the album from iTunes.  I saw it was the #1 album on iTunes.   And the songs were all OLD!!  And the kids didn’t know them.

Honestly, I downloaded the album fully expecting iTunes to tell me I already had some, if not most in my library.  Surprisingly, I didn’t.  Since I haven’t downloaded anything since Christmas two years ago (Micheal Buble’s Christmas album), I figured I could splurge on the $8.99.  I dug out a speaker, plugged in my iPad and played it.  WOW!  The music had rhythm, a story, you could understand the words and I knew them!!  How amazing (and shocking).  This music is old!  But awesome!  Most is from the 1970’s.

I cranked the volume.  If you came to my house this afternoon and heard “Hooked on a Feeling” blaring  LOUDLY,  you probably turned around and walked away.  I’m sure you were positive you were at the wrong house.   That doesn’t normally happen here.  But, if it ever does happen again, and you feel like dancing, come on in!

I discovered that I could dance and put my dishes away (with as much rhythm as I could muster) in the time it took for one wonderful song to play.   Counters were cleaned to “Escape” (The Pina Colada song).   Wow, brought back memories of Pina Coladas in my youth.  I have a strange strong craving for one right now.  Damn indigestion!  Some things about getting older suck!

As I started listening to “O-o-child” by Five Stairsteps (yup, that’s the band’s name – I looked it up), tears inexplicably came.  But I still danced.  Then I started thinking about Robin Williams.  And how hopeless and lost he must have felt.  This man, who brought so much joy and laughter,  was in such a dark place he couldn’t find a way back from it.   I’m still shocked that he died.  Especially that he died of suicide.   Yes, everyone in the media is talking about the failings of our healthcare system when it comes to mental health.  But soon the talking and the planning will stop.  Until another mental health tragedy.  RIP Robin Williams.  You brought so much laughter to many.  You will be missed.

“Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” was the next song I listened to.  Again, I was saddened.  Remembering the fun and free days of college life.  When an unknown future was in front of me.   And a fun night of friends and (to0 many) drinks the norm.   When I was ‘Susie’ to everyone.  Not the ‘Susan’ I had to put on my resume since no serious company would take a ‘Susie’ as a serious future professional.  Sorry to any ‘Susie’ reading this.  I couldn’t get a job interview until I switched to Susan.   Yes, Susie was carefree and not nearly as responsible as Susan is now.  Keeping track of who is where, when they’ll be home, do you need lunch, what’s for dinner and no you can’t have another sleepover.   Worrying about your first corporate job and how to move ahead in the world was much more exciting than worrying about making sure everyone has clean socks.    Clean socks in their respective drawers.

Loved this album.  Yes, I called it an album.  Do people call them albums anymore?  Let me tell you, I was exhausted after it was over.  It was a lot of dancing, tears and reflection.   For a moment, it took me away to another time.   So, if you are young, listen to this music.  You’ll love it!  If you are old like me, it is full of memories.  The best $8.99 I have spent in a long time!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Awesome Mix Volume 1 – totally wonderful!!  (Probably the ONLY music recommendation you’ll ever see from me.


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    Susan, My family saw that movie at the beach when it came out and we all loved it. My 20 yr old downloaded the album and we listened to it in the car on the way home. So funny. Loved your post. Have a great weekend.

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